Airless Spray

Airless spraying is a quick and easy way of painting larger areas, it is clean and uses minimal amounts of paint. Airless can be used to spray masonry, emulsions and timber treatments.

Airless Spray Gun

MP Tools supply a number of machines for every purpose from Wagner and Airlessco plus our own Sprayking units.

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HVLP Spraying


HVLP uses air to apply paint to the surface, the result is a slower output but more controlled and with a finer finish .

Machines vary in price, the more powerful machines will spray faster and allow you to thin the paint less. HVLP is great for trim finishes such as eggshell or acylics, it is not ideal for walls or large areas.

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Wallperfect W665

The Wallperfect range is a balance between HVLP & Airless, the technology allows emulsions to be sprayed with an HVLP system, attachments are available to spray everything from emulsion to tanning lotion.

MP Tools are a major supplier of Wallperfect and we stock a number of different machines to suit every purpose and budget. Still confused? not a problem we can be contacted from 8:00am till 5:00pm Monday to Friday on 01420 85023 or email

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Project Pro

Project Pro 115 Project Pro 117
Project Pro 119 Project Pro 119 Extra
Tips Guns

The Wagner Project Pro airless machines are great value units and will spray (depending on the model) smooth masonry paints, emulsions, timber treatments and stains, acrylics and solvent based products.